My Instagram Journey

I'm never say that i am a Photographer.I never say my picture look perfect.I'm just a person who like to taking pictures.I never left my smartphone behind where ever i go.Because ,I don't wanna miss the moment.So, rewind a few month ago ,probably 12 months (i don't really remember) ,in the year 2016,i just start my instagram account.At first,i just post a picture straight from my smartphone(without editing) to the instagram.My picture look so not good . One day i look into someone profile,and the picture look so so good(so inspire).It's dramatic,clean,clear and the colour are so beautiful as well.I  noticed in his(male instagramer) profile , he say ' im using Vsco app'. Immediately, i install the Vsco app on my smartphone.
I learn many techniques on Youtube on how to use Vsco.It is very helpful.In addition,there are also several editing app i try to use like Snapseed, Photoshop express,Lightroom mobile,Pixlr and PicsArt.It is super fun and easy way to make your picture turn into something.Here are some of my picture.

VSCO + PicsArt



I will show you how i edit my picture on the upcoming post.
Stay tune


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