Weekend location (lifestyle & travel)

Actually,none of this was planned.
On the way back from Bau,we were impressed with the 
uniqueness of the old building in Siniawan town.
This old structure is still on it's original shape.
When we arrived at the town,we can feel the harmony of the people in the town.
If you are great food lover,then this is the place to satisfy you tastes for various foods.
And one more thing,don't forget to bring you're camera along.
Trust me ,there's alot of interesting sights you can take pictures with. 

*must arrived at 4:30 PM 

Model:Me(my self birudat exotic studio)
Marcella @marcellajoanofficial
Nadia @nadiapamelacassius
Photography:Christveroniva @christv21
Editing:Birudat exotic studio @birudatexotic_studio


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